freelance illustration

Digital artist based in Rio de Janeiro who draws art of games, comics, and animal people.
Passionate about cetology, paleontology, and military history.

Terms of Service

What will I draw?


  • Hardcore sexual fetishes i'm not comfortable with (if you're uncertain, just ask.)

  • Weapons and/or complex fighting scenes (you can ask about this one too! I might make an exception for guns.)

  • Culturally disrespectful characters


  • Anthros

  • Quads

  • Humanoids

  • Objectheads/nonhumanoids/aliens

  • NSFW (both artistic nude and explicit sexual content)

  • Gore/Vore

  • Fanart (as long as it is legal)


  • To discuss commissions, you can contact me anywhere. See the “contact” page for social media links and e-mails.

  • Once i open slots and you secure one of them, you have 48 hours to send me the details of the commission, otherwise I'll give your slot to the next customer.

  • Once details have been sent, i can hold your slot for up to a week. If i don't receive the payment within that week, I'll give your slot to the next customer.

  • I don't work well with descriptions, so alongside the order, please do send me as many illustrated references as you have of the character.

  • You may request as many progress updates as you wish. I will willingly send you a sketch of my work to check if you approve of it. If not, I will change whatever in it that is bothering you.

  • Once the commission is officially finished and posted, I will modify it no further. Not a single tweak or addition. I offer preview sketches so you can be happy with the final product, any details that I was not made aware of during the process are entirely your responsibility.

  • As the artist, I reserve the right to use, repost, and crop your commission for advertisement, or to use as an example of my work.

  • I have every right to turn down an order that doesn't make me feel comfortable with no explanation nor further communication.

  • I reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund you if need be.


  • Payment should be sent through Paypal only, as either american dollars or euros.

  • You may not claim my art as your own.

  • You may repost your commission as long as you credit me the first time you do.

  • I will only begin work once the payment has been made.

  • I usually finish all of my commissions in under a month. If yours is taking longer than that, I will contact you and explain the situation.

  • In case i take too long to finish it (over two months), feel free to request refund.

  • Once the commission has been officially started, i will only offer partial refunds if the commission is at the initial sketch stage.